Anal bleaching is the process of lightening the coloration of the skin on the anus region which is more for cosmetic purposes which has become more common than you think. Since this area is typically darker than most of our body’s skin tone, anal bleaching is quickly becoming popular as it can help lighten the anus area and even out the skin tone. It was also popularized by some celebrities, TV shows and movies. While it is more commonly  performed on females, anal bleaching is applicable for males as well. It is understandable that people may feel uncomfortable to have this done at a beauty service center, but did you know that you can perform anal bleaching in the comfort and privacy of your own home?

We offer many different skin whitening products that can be used to achieve the desired effect of anal bleaching. Since you are dealing with a sensitive area of our body, it is best to make use of natural skin whitening products to get the best results without having any discomfort or side effects. One of the popular skin whitening soaps available today is the Kojic acid soap with Glutathione and oatmeal as it can inhibit the production of melanin by the body. Glutathione is also an excellent skin whitening agent because it’s also a natural ingredient a good antioxidant for the skin. The oatmeal in the soap leaves your skin supple. Since you most likely regularly take a shower every day, using a Kojic acid skin whitening soap with Glutathione and oatmeal will make anal bleaching easier and more convenient. Just wash your butt as soon as you get under the shower, and don’t rinse off the soap until you are finishing your shower, so the Kojic acid has time to really penetrate and give you the best lightening effect.

Recent studies have shown just how effective kojic acid is when it comes to skin bleaching. According to a study conducted by Ellis and Garcia, kojic acid combined with glycolic acid was more effective than 10% glycolic acid or 4% hydroquinone when it comes to treating hyperpigmentation conditions. And since glycolic acid is one of the ingredients in the Kojic acid soap we are recommending, you get an idea of just why using Kojic soap is such an ideal bleaching treatment for your ass. The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research reported on the great antioxidant properties of Kojic acid. Burdock et. al. also stated that Kojic Acid may be preferred as the skin whitening agent because it is a more stable ingredient for most cosmetic products.

For faster results, we recommend that after your shower, you also use a skin whitening cream or serum. A product like Acnessential is a niacinamide cream that can lighten skin and leave it softer and moisturized. It can also soothe redness and inflammation with no side effects. Kojic acid can occasionally cause redness in some people, but the niacinamide will counter this (and the oatmeal contained within the particular Kojic soap we are recommending). You can also avail of the NiaSerum – niacinamide serum which is absorbed more easily by the body. Same with Acnessential, it can also whiten skin, make it softer and relieve redness. The soaps and creams mentioned above are some of the most optimal always when it comes to anal bleaching. They are also some of the safest and most affordable products. Other products may contain hydroquinone which is a chemical substance commonly used for photo production and can be very harmful if used as an ingredient to skin whitening products especially if applied to an already sensitive area of the body. Avoid products like these and use only beauty products with natural ingredients.

Even more studies have proven the amazing effects of niacinamide. In a 2002 study by Hakozaki et. al., 2% niacinamide that’s combined with sunscreen has significantly reduced hyperpigmentation and has made the skin lighter in just 4 weeks. Now since the sun doesn’t shine where we will be treating, there’s no need for a sunscreen down there! The study by Bissett et. al. in 2007 supports the results achieved by the 2002 study stating that niacinamide is a unique, effective method to decrease hyperpigmentation.

Moreover, a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology by Paula Begoun reported that niacinamide is more effective in retaining the moisture of the skin compared to petrolatum or Vaseline.

To get the best results for anal bleaching, you can use the Kojic soap with Glutathione and oatmeal when you take a bath or shower, then afterwards, use Acnessential or NiaSerum. Combining these skin whitening products can help you get immediate results. They are also quite affordable so using both at once won’t break your budget. You can buy Kojic soap with Glutathione and oatmeal, Acnessential and NiaSerum on our website and have it shipped directly to your home. Anal bleaching is a simple procedure and not as uncomfortable of a topic if you think about it. It’s actually very easy and no need for embarrassing trips to the beauty centers.